"The course is well designed with lots of real-life examples. It benefits my understanding of how project management works in the real world."

"The instructor brings with him a wealth of experience in managing projects of various scales. The skills and knowledge introduced are very practical."

"The case studies in the course are very useful for the participants to understand the principles behind project management best practices as outlined in the PMBOK."

"The instructors are knowledgeable about the PMP examination. I am very confident that I can pass the PMP examination on my first attempt."

"All participants enjoy the class very much. The case discussion helps illustrate important project management concepts and encourages participants to think and seek answers."

"I'd recommend this course to my friends and colleagues."

"The soft skills such as leadership and negotiation introduced in the workshop are practical and useful for managers. I particularly enjoyed the negotiation role playing exercise which helps exemplify how to achieve win-win solution in a conflict situation."

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